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Spicy, herbaceous, and bright. Harissa is a darling of the spice world as of late, and a staple on North African tables. Goes great on vegetables, in soups, and in egg dishes. Or, use it as a rub for roasted or grilled meats.

Big Tin: 3.2 oz

Ingredients: Guajillo, Garlic, Paprika, Caraway, Coriander, Cumin, Salt, Brownulated Sugar, Citric Acid, Cayenne

Customer Reviews

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Please make a bigger size!

I am OBSESSED with this Harissa. I have bought this 4 times before and this is my fifth one! I use it to roast vegetables and it makes them taste amazing! I add it into my bulgur. I don’t know where this has been all my life but now we’re inseparable.

Very Impressed

I was not aware of Spicewalla as a spice-selling company until recently. After using harissa spice as provided through our Sunbasket meal kit I was intrigued to buy some for my own. I found the spice at Spicewalla and was very impressed with the packaging (metal can), the freshness (crunchy, fragrant). My whole mail order shopping experience was a pleasure. I will be ordering more from Spicewalla. My usual go-to is Penzey's and they do not even have a harissa spice mix. It is absolutely lovely mixed with honey and brushed on pork chops (FYI).

Thank you, Spicewalla!


As soon as I received the harissa, I made a recipe I've been thinking about for a while, a mac and cheese from the Sahadi's cookbook and wow, it came out beautifully! The harissa added so much depth of flavor to the dish. Will definitely be ordering again!

nathaniel swan
Who Knew

Being on a more restrictive diet, I find joy in trying different spices to jazz up my meals. This spice is new to me and I have enjoyed adding it to my cabinet

This scrumptious blend will excite your taste buds!

This is one of the first SpiceWalla blends I have tried and one of my very favorites! IT is simply scrumptious! I use it to season vegetables, rice, quinoa, soups etc.... This past Thanksgiving I rubbed it on wild salmon and sliced potatoes with onions I baked until they were browned. Our guests did not stop raving about how flavorful and delicious the food was! And I looked like an expert chef! This blend takes a simple meal and turns it into an exotic one that connotes far away places! I highly recommend it!

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