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  • Spices by Chefs for Chefs

    Over 1,500 restaurants now carry Spicewalla in their kitchens! We’re a company founded by chefs and restaurateurs. We GET you! We care about the same things you do - quality, freshness, affordability, and convenience. And we get that you want your food to taste amazing. So do we! Our mission is to get you the highest quality spices from around the world quickly, easily & affordably to elevate your food and beverage creations to the next level of flavor.

  • flexibility + support

    We carry everything you could possibly need for your spice pantry. Beautiful aromatic spices, herbs, and seasonings from Allspice to Za’atar and incredible blends from around the world. We know that one size doesn’t fit all so we carry multiple sizes to fit your needs and budget. We also specialize in custom blends and products - Visit our Food Service website for more info!

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