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Chef-Driven Quality & Freshness, Priced Competitively: At Spicewalla we intend to provide an unmatched level of quality to the sourcing and care of spices. The way we process our spices is an extension of what we do everyday in the kitchens of our restaurants. At the end of the day we hope to not only offer our products at a much higher quality and better price than most chefs enjoy now, but also change the narrative of how spices are considered and cared for.  It's this thought and care that we pass down to our customers in restaurant or food and beverage production, to ensure that whether you're ordering a pint or in bulk quantities, your spices are packed to order and ready to be incorporated into a final product that's fresh and flavorful.

Flexibility & Support: As a member of the Chai Pani Restaurant Group, we only know "mind-blasting service." This means we're ready to go above and beyond to make sure you're getting the best spices with the best customer service we can offer. Call, email, or order online, we have multiple shipping and delivery options to meet your kitchen's needs.

Custom Products & Blends: Let us help you streamline your production while incorporating the best quality, freshest ingredients into your own restaurant's original proprietary recipes. Spicewalla's research and development team will do the work to make sure we're matching your kitchen's spice blend to the exact specifications.


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