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Spicewalla Fancy Popcorn

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Last weekend the Spicewallas had the real honor of being a part of a tasting tent at the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival. Some of you may be unaware, but passing out samples of spices and seasonings can be pretty tricky, and we wanted to be sure we had the perfect instrument to transport our spices to your mouths. Enter POPCORN! Yes, the addictive snack and seasoning vehicle that fit our needs and yours! All weekend long people wanted our snazzy popcorn recipe, so here it is! Real quick, real simple, and so easy, it'll change your life!


1/4 cup coconut oil
1 cup popcorn kernels 
Your favorite Spicewalla Seasoning (we used Za'atar, Tandoori Masala, and Modena Balsamic Rub)


1. Pop your popcorn kernels in coconut oil in a large pot, being sure to shake the covered pot gently to make sure all of the kernels are popping (or you can  microwave the store-bought brand of your choice, we don't judge!)  
2. Once your popcorn is ready, add salt to taste and then coat your popcorn with the seasoning of your choice.
That's it! It couldn't be easier! Eat, enjoy, taste & believe!


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