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Spice Advice: Cumin

Spice Advice: Cumin

Cumin, It's What's for Dinner Tonight!

If you're like me, you've probably never realized how much cumin you actually have been consuming. Cumin's wildly versatile flavour makes its a staple in spice racks across the globe!

Cumin seeds are found within the dried fruit of the flowering Cuminum cyminum plant — a member of the parsley family. They're thin, yellowish-brown, and shaped like an elongated oval. Appearance-wise, cumin seeds are often mistaken for caraway, but the similarities end there. Sorry not sorry, caraway — cumin is WAY more powerful in smell and flavour. 

As the second most popular spice in the world (black pepper holds the current lead), cumin is used - both whole and ground - in a vast variety of cuisines from cultures all over the world. Its nutty, warm, smoky flavour and bittersweet notes are a staple in traditional dishes like curries, stews, soups, and chutneys in many Latin, Middle Eastern, and Indian recipes. 

Beyond its culinary uses, cumin has several health benefits that add to the spices worldly popularity. These range from aiding digestion, providing iron, increasing antioxidant intake, and may even help regulate blood sugar and reduce food-borne illnesses.

We source our Cumin Seeds directly from India. We offer whole seeds but also roast and grind them into a fresh aromatic powder. We use it in TONS of our house-made our Dhana Jeera, Za’atar, Classic Steak Rub, Chaat Masala, Berbere, Harissa...and we’ll stop there because we'd be listing almost everything. It’s that versatile.

Spicewalla cumin is used by many local Asheville restaurants as being our sister company, Chai Pani— who feature it in their Lamb Burgers, Saag Paneer curry, and a delicious cumin-lime vinaigrette on their Desi Salad. Stay tuned for an upcoming "how-to" on that must-have Chai Pani dressing and more! 


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