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Cumin Powder, Roasted

Without cumin, we’d have no savory dal, tajine or chili. Hundreds of beloved recipes get their distinctive tang, punchy heat, and tawny color from cumin. Made from the thin, tiny seeds of the delicate cumin plant (a relative of dill and caraway), the spice originated in Asia (hence its appearance in the famous Xi’an noodle dishes), but was widely dispersed via the Silk Road, and used as an antibacterial addition to foods. Roasting adds depth and a toasted undertone.

Small Tin: 1.3 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Glenn Phillips

I do a lot of Indian and Pakistani cooking and know how different the flavor profiles are between the regular powders and these roasted varieties. I buy both the roasted cumin and roasted coriander. I love the convenience of the small tins so you know it’s always fresh. And yes, I too find myself using them in so many other dishes. Thanks Spicewalla. You are awesome!

Thanks again for the kind review, Glenn! YOU are awesome! We are so grateful for you sharing your experience, and look forward to continuing to serve you with fresh and tasty flavours!

Carolyn Kreft
Love this product

This is my second purchase of the Smoked Cumin, use this in all my Mexican recipes. It adds great depth and flavor to my Chili Verde,and my Southwest chicken soup.

Thanks so much for your continued support, Carolyn! So happy to hear you enjoy this with your meals. Cheers to a deliciously cozy chili & soup season ahead! :)

I am hoarding this stuff!

Seriously! I bought 2 containers last time, ran through those, so I got 3 stockpiled now. The roasted cumin saves me time grinding and toasting myself. And on top of that, I doubt I could do as well anyway. This stuff is amazing and works with so many cuisines!

Thank you very much for taking the time to share your kind feedback with us, Kathleen! We count ourselves lucky for customers like you. We look forward to sharing many more flavourful adventures with you!

Susan deWeese
Off the charts.

Will never buy grocery store spices again. Intensely flavorful. Ramps up taste of the Mexican recipes I make.

Best cumin I’ve ever had

I don’t think I really knew what cumin was supposed to taste like until I tried this. I got my partner the middle eastern collection last Christmas and we’ve repurchased this cumin several times since. I am so impressed with how something so small could elevate my cooking so much. Total Spicewalla convert.

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