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Peppercorn, White Ground

The pulverized core of a black peppercorn, husked of its dark, oil-packed husk, white peppercorn has a bite which is similar to classic pepper, but the taste is milder and the smell isn’t as fragrant. While that might sound like a loss, it’s actually what makes white peppercorn so unique—you can get a little bit of the mild heat and nose-clearing brightness of peppercorn, without the dominating aroma we associate with black pepper. Because of that, it plays nicely with other spices and is most prevalent in Chinese and Vietnamese dishes (or even sweets!) for that very reason. It’s also often called for in cream soups and other light-colored dishes.

Small Tin: 1.4 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Absolutely loved it

I bought this a while back and recently ran out and found it added so much to my dishes. I'm very excited to restock this.

Thanks so much for sharing the spicy love with us, Andrew! We are so thrilled to hear you have enjoyed enhancing your meals with this unique & flavourful addition. Cheers to many more tasty dishes ahead!


One of my favorite seasonings

Honestly very disappointing...

I have purchased and enjoyed several Spicewalla blends and rubs, so I decided to come here to restock on plain white pepper, which is a staple in my household (in particular, my dad uses a lot of white pepper for simple Thai homecooking). I don't know if it's because of the particular cultivar or what, but the smell and taste were unlike any other white pepper I've had in the past, including generic supermarket brands and at least one other online spice seller's product.

There was none of the pleasant and mildly peppery, almost floral aroma and taste that I'm used to. Instead, it tasted dull and bitter, with an unpleasantly sharp herbal scent. I also tried the ground black pepper, and while unimpressive in flavor/aroma, it at least tasted like black pepper. Again, maybe this is just a different cultivar than I'm used to, but I don't think I'll be ordering this again.

Hi Kevin,
Thank you for your feedback and perspective on the different type of cultivars! We appreciate you sharing your experience and honesty, and agree that different varieties of peppers can produce a wide range of diverse aromas and tastes. The unique scent of Ground, White Pepper can be noticeably different than the earthy and mild flavour profile it provides. Have you tried our Whole, White Peppercorn yet? Reach out to and our team will look forward to sending you a tin, or let us know another spice or herb you'd like to try!

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