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Spice Advice: Pescado Verde

Spice Advice: Pescado Verde


Looking to the bright, eclectic flavors of Mexican cuisine for inspiration, Spicewalla Recipe & Blend Developer Alyse Baca created the Pescado Verde Blend as a way to introduce taco lovers to a blend featuring a more accurate representation of the fresh ingredients that go into real Mexican tacos vs. the average taco-seasoning packets most of us grew up with. Garlicky, citrusy, and herbaceous, each ingredient in this blend was chosen for it's ability to harmoniously combine and create flavors that pair effortlessly with grilled or roasted fish. Although, we will say - think outside the box here! It's not just good on seafood - we've also got an amazing recipe for Pescado Verde Brown Butter Cornbread!
There are a few ingredients that make this blend unique: citrus powder, specifically, lime juice powder and orange juice powder, to provide that bright flavor found in Mexican street tacos. The blend also includes ingredients like Mexican Oregano and Serrano Chili Powder for it’s wonderfully rich, spicy, and earthy flavor profile used often in Mexican cuisine.
Looking for your own Pescado Verde inspo? Check out even more of our delicious, easy recipes for Pescado Verde Shrimp Ceviche and Fish Tacos!

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