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Spice Advice: Lemon Pepper

Spice Advice: Lemon Pepper


You know it. You love it. You probably ate lots of it as a kid via Mom’s baked chicken. It’s Lemon Pepper. The classic, go-to seasoning featuring the flavors of bright, citrusy, lemon peel and spicy black peppercorns coming together in perfect harmony.

The name is rather straightforward (sometimes it’s nice to just get to the point, right?), but Lemon Pepper’s origins are harder to pin down. What we do know is that both lemon and black peppercorn, the seasoning’s star ingredients, both hail from India, which has led many to suggest Lemon Pepper’s start as likely being somewhere out East. Around what time period? That’s also hard to say. Basically, it’s an unsolved spice mystery. Regardless, the lemon/pepper combo has made its way into various homes and kitchens across the world—becoming particularly popular in the Atlanta wing-scene.

The lemon & pepper duo can’t take all the credit though. This tried and true blend is generally supported by a delicious cast of spices and herbs. For us at Spicewalla that includes: garlic powder, Mexican oregano, parsley, and onion powder for a fresh, tangy, citrusy, take on this timeless fave. And while we’ll always love Mom’s Famous Lemon Pepper Chicken, it’s equally delicious sprinkled over your favorite fish, or even roasted veggies like broccolini.

Looking for even more Lemon Pepper inspo? Check out Alyse Baca’s latest recipe for crispy Lemon Pepper Wings!


  • You can buy lemon pepper by itself, not sure what you are talking about?

    Chris on
  • I’m still trying to figure out why, Spicewalla does not sell all of their spices individually and also in small tins.
    I am the only person in my home. Certan Spices for example lemon pepper, only comes in a specific collection. If I want lemon pepper I will have a lot of spices that I do not and will not use. Big waste of money! The spices that only comes in big tins is also a waste because it will take a very long time for me to use.

    Joellyn Godfrey on

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