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Are coriander and cilantro the same thing? Yes and no. Basically, in Facebook relationship terms, “it’s complicated.”

The plant known as coriander produces the seeds we know simply as “coriander.” But, what many don’t realize is that this plant also grows the green, lemony leaves we call cilantro (sometimes referred to as Mexican parsley or coriander leaves). And yes, we know there’s a big ol’ debate on what cilantro tastes like: wonderfully citrusy & fresh to some — strangely metallic & soapy to others. This depends solely on our genetic make-up. But coriander seeds and cilantro (fresh coriander) have very different, distinctive flavor profiles. You may find that while you’ve sworn off cilantro altogether, coriander seed might be a thing your tastebuds can 100% get behind.
We carry several versions of this “controversial” spice: Indian & Moroccan Coriander Seed. Indian Coriander Seed has a green, elongated shape and is more pungent than other members of the coriander family, especially when toasted. FYI: it’s really great for brewing tasty, aromatic beers. Moroccan Coriander Seed is similar to parsley w/ a grassy, clear flavor. It’s slightly more mild than Indian coriander w/ warm, toasty notes. A go-to for many curry & soup recipes.⁣ We also carry coriander in its powdered form—the dried fruit of the cilantro plant. Also known as Dhana powder in Hindi, this tawny, ground spice is wonderfully citrusy, and minty. While our roasted version offers deeper, aromatic notes of coriander’s usual citrusy, warm, and sweet flavours.

Looking for more coriander inspo? Our sister restaurant Chai Pani uses Spicewalla coriander seeds in their iconic Malabar Chicken Curry Recipe. Hoping for something sweet? Try our recipe for Blueberry Coriander Pavlovas!

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