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I'm a Spicewalla: Erin Croom of Small Bites Adventure Club

I'm a Spicewalla: Erin Croom of Small Bites Adventure Club

Erin Croom is one of the co-founders of Small Bites Adventure Club. The company’s “vision is that every child receives the opportunity to discover, eat and love fruits and vegetables.” Small Bites provides educational kits (to schools and homes) to help introduce children to fruits and vegetables. These kits also introduce children to the farmers that grow their food and entry-level recipes to teach children to prepare food. Each kit has a theme to capture the interest of the children. Currently, 9 out of 10 children in the United States do not eat the recommended amount of vegetables, and some children go days without a single vegetable. Small Bites Adventure Club is working to change that one classroom and one home at a time.

i'm a spicewalla: erin croom of small bites adventure club 

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do!
I'm the co-founder of Small Bites Adventure Club. Our mission is to help children discover, eat and love fruits and vegetables. We do that by creating and shipping hands-on, turn-key kits that make it easy for parents to introduce new foods and farmers to kids! We've reached over 20,000 kids since we started in 2019. We have 2 products: Taste Test Box kits for schools and Farm to Home Kits for homes. Our Taste Test Boxes have been used in over 150 schools, clubs and childcare programs! We feature a new fruit or veggie every month with recipes, activities and videos so kids can meet their farmers!

Which job title most accurately describes you?
Business Owner/CEO

What spice(s) do you use the most in the kitchen?
We just featured cumin, paprika, curry and cinnamon in our last kit!

Why do you think using fresh spices is important when it comes to creating delicious recipes?
When food tastes good, kids will eat it! We want to teach them how to create delicious, easy recipes to create a love of delicious and healthy foods when they are young.

Describe the moment you fell in love with Spicewalla?
I love this question. Well, when I first walked into Chai Pani, I just loved the photographs. It was all about joy. And I see that with the Spicewalla packaging and spirit of your product. It really aligns with what we are working on-- which is -- connect children to the happiness of good food. the nutrition will follow.

Do you have a favorite memory of a spice used in a dish or drink that blew your mind? What was it?
Do whatever our Chef tells me to do! (Chef Asata Reid is just incredible!)

Do you have a favorite memory of a spice used in a dish or drink that blew your mind? What was it?
The first time I had Chai was in Alabama at a health food store in Birmingham when I was 21. It really blew my mind! I quit coffee that day and started making it before work every morning! (I went back to coffee, but I still love it.)

What is your desert island spice (if you could only choose one to use forever!)
Homemade ice cream with my homeade Rumtopf (foraged fruits with Rum aged over several months!)

What is a spice or blend you'd love to see from us in the future?
I'd love to find out from the kids! We made a ranch one the that kids thought tasted like something from Burger King. I wonder if you could "recreate" some flavors from fast food restaurants that they would recognize to create some fun dips for veggies.


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