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High Five Chai Blend

Here's what our friends at High Five Coffee have to say about our their Spicewalla x High Five Chai Blend:

"If at first you don’t succeed, chai, chai again.
Over the years we’ve tweaked every element of our custom blended chai, from when to add the darjeeling tea to the ratio of whole vs ground cloves... luckily we share this sweet mountain town with the fine foodie folks of Spicewalla, who enjoy the pursuit of nailing that perfect balance with the most flavorful spices we’ve ever tried.
We hope you enjoy our signature chai!"

Resealable Bag: 10.5 oz

Ingredients: Black tea, ginger, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, black pepper

For Superior Flavour and 8oz of the High Five Chai Experience: 

- Shake bag to mix up all the good stuff

- Toss about a 1/4 cup chai and a generous teaspoon of raw sugar or favorite sweetener into a tea bag or strainer. 

- Brew for 3-5 minutes in 8 ounces of very hot water (just off a boil) to your preferred strength.

- Top with the dairy or nut milk of your dreams and enjoy! 

Customer Reviews

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No tea...

I followed the directions on the bag and even came back to the reviews for more thorough instructions on how to make this. I even tried this with my own variations and I just didn't enjoy this. Lack of tea and costly bag to keep trying to make this taste right.

Thank you for sharing your support and experience with us, Cris! We are very sorry to hear you did not enjoy this Chai blend and will make sure to pass along your helpful feedback to review with our team. We of course want to make sure you are satisfied and served with Superior Flavour in each cup! Please reach out anytime to and we will look forward to connecting and sending you our Ginger Chai, or another drinkable blend to try!

Rohan Mital
Great Spices, no tea?

This was labeled as an all in one blend, however it seems my bag has very little actual tea as part of the blend. When brewing 1 cup the spices taste amazing, however there is little to no tea flavor.

Thank you kindly for sharing your experience and honest review with us, Rohan! We're very sorry to hear if the tea strength does not meet your preference. We'll be sure to share your feedback with our team for consideration. Our friends at High Five Coffee recommend giving the bag a lil' shake before scooping out your serving, as the whole spices and cut black tea can move around and settle within in the bag overtime. Or you may always adjust to your preferred brewing strength and add more to desired taste. If you would like to try another chai blend on us, or have any other questions regarding the brewing instructions - please reach out to and we'll look forward to assisting you further!

High Five Chai Blend

I love the brand and all of the spices in general. Wonderful company. My concern about this product is that it is not labeled to be able to make a cup of chai. The ginger chai does however if you purchase that one. Are the instructions supposed to be the same for both items? This bag says to add 1/4 cup a chai mix - but to what? It doesn't say how much water to brew with it. 1/4 cup seams allot - in comparison to say a tea bag or if you were to add tea loose leaf to boiling water. It says to add a little milk or dairy free a splash of half and half and a teaspoon of sweetener which doesn't seem enough for 1/4 cup of chai mix. That would be super helpful if the bag came with instructions to brew one cup, and also how many cups 1/4 cup of chai actually makes as the instructions say. It would be nice to have brewing instructions to make this into ICED chai as well. Not complaining, just offering words that could help us the consumers. if you can please reply- when others purchase - they can read this post and understand how to use the product. Much love

Thank you so much for sharing your valuable feedback with us, Jenifer! The instructions are provided by our friends at High Five Coffee, for brewing 1 cup, or an 8oz serving.

We greatly appreciate your helpful input and have made sure to update our webpage above to include the full instructions - which I have also listed below for easy reference:

For Superior Flavour and 8oz of the High Five Chai Experience:
- Shake bag to mix up all the good stuff.
- Toss about a 1/4 cup chai and a generous teaspoon of raw sugar or favorite sweetener into a tea bag or strainer.
- Brew for 3-5 minutes in 8 ounces of very hot water (just off a boil) to your preferred strength.
- Top with the dairy or nut milk of your dreams and enjoy!

To enjoy iced: Brew tea as directed above but don't add dairy or dairy substitute just yet. Stir until the sugar/sweetener is dissolved. Then, remove the tea bag or strainer and transfer the tea mixture to the fridge to chill for five minutes, or let it cool at room temp for up to 30 minutes. Fill a glass with ice and add the chai tea concentrate. Top with milk or dairy substitute to your preference and stir gently. Enjoy!
-- You can always brew a bigger batch of the spiced tea as well, to keep refrigerated up to 2 days and easily use for those sweet & spicy, iced chai cravings!

We are grateful for your understanding and continued support - and hope to share more flavourful adventures with you again soon! Please reach out anytime to and we will look forward to assisting you with any spicy questions or concerns.


I came across the HIGH FIVE CHAI BLEND about a year ago. This tea is mega packed with healing properties for your body!! It has personally reversed cold symptoms for my family when delivered hot to my boys and husband. Whether I prepare the tea hot or cold, I will forever be a loyal customer and eternally grateful for your POSSITIVE contribution to this world by sharing your abundance. May your business be blessed and continue to thrive amongst adversity!!! ❤️❤️



Need more info

Overpriced bag of tea with no instructions is virtually useless. Basically wasted this entire bag trying several variations to get it to work. Will not purchase again, at least not until they get their priorities straight and provide detailed instructions for single cup and batch. Maybe even hot versus ice!

Hi Michael,
Thank you for sharing your experience. We hope you have found a way to enjoy your cup of Chai! Were you able to follow the brew instructions for a single cup listed on the back of the bag, recommended by our friends at High Five Coffee? Just like our other drinkable blends, this can absolutely be enjoyed hot or over ice! Have you tried our Chai Pani Ginger Chai yet? It is also made with deliciously whole ingredients and CTC black tea - and we offer this variation of brew instructions: Bring 1 cup of milk, 1 cup water, a splash of half & half, & 1 Tbs of the blend to a simmer. Strain into your best mug, sweeten to your liking, and enjoy! Please reach out to and our team will look forward to sending you another Chai blend to try!

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