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Bountiful Cities Raffle

Bountiful Cities is an Asheville based nonprofit dedicated to teaching sustainable agriculture skills and sharing resources to promote social justice, economic viability and community resilience. They work towards long term food security by educating the community on growing, cooking, and sustainably producing food, even at a small scale.

Urban Garden Tour

100% of raffle ticket sales will be helping fund the Urban Garden Tour, which is a free event that will showcase seven local, food producing gardens in Asheville, and local chefs will be preparing small bites for sampling in each garden (tickets are available to purchase food and beverage samples). The goal is to raise awareness about urban agriculture and long-term food security by showcasing all that can grow and thrive in a small urban space.

100% of raffle ticket sales go to Bountiful Cities and the Urban Garden Tour event.
3 Winners will receive either a $100, $300, or $500 Spicewalla gift card. Each ticket purchased equals 1 entry.
Buy as many tickets as you'd like!

To donate directly to Bountiful Cities: