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Spice Advice: Salts

Spice Advice: Salts

Salt. The multi-functional mineral that’s way more involved in your day-to-day life than you probably realize. In fact, only a small percentage of the United State’s salt supply is used for food and agricultural purposes. Most of the US’s salt stash is used by chemical industries, or to salt roads and walkways during wintery weather.

Thousands of years ago, salt was being used as a form of compensation. This is how we landed the term “salary,” derived from the Latin word “sal” meaning salt. It’s also where the phrase “not worth his salt” came about. Back in Ancient Rome, soldiers‘ salaries were often paid in salt. So, when a soldier was performing poorly, his pay was cut (obviously). Meaning less salt to take to the “bank”.

Why was salt worth so much to our pals back in Ancient Rome? Likely because of it’s affect on food. Not only is this mineral a necessity in creating a flavorful meal, it’s an essential ingredient in preserving dried meats. Which was a pretty important in the times before @yeti coolers and stainless steal freezers. Salt’s also an important part of your health. Too little or too much and your body can reap all kinds of negative effects. Some say that the benefits of salt can be absorbed through the air via Rock Salt Lamps or Rock Salt Day Spa’s. Though there’s very little data to back up these claims, it can be a relaxing, aesthetically pleasing experience.

While we enjoy a good spa day as much as the next person, we’re more focused ways use salt as an ingredient. Currently, we carry three different types of salt: Sicilian Sea Salt, Cyprus Flake Salt, and Himalayan Pink Salt. Each amazing. Each bringing a lil something different to the Spicewalla table.

Our Sicilian Sea Salt is crunchy, moist, and briny. Natural, delightful, and hand-harvested in Sicily. A workhorse salt that is great on baked goods, pasta, rubs, and anything requiring salt. Spicewalla Cyprus Flake Salt is delicate, crisp, and light. This is that insanely cool, pyramid-shaped salt you've heard so much about. Try it as a finishing salt on salads, fruits, and pastries. And our Himalayan Pink Salt is minerally, balanced salinity, and clean. Perfect for steaks, roasted vegetables, and salads. If you haven't heard about the amazingness that is Himalayan pink salt yet, where ya been? Under a (salt) rock?

Ready to get salty? Check out our 3-pack Salt Collection here.


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