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Spice Advice: Nora Chilli Flakes

Spice Advice: Nora Chilli Flakes

The 帽ora pepper, a close relation of the bell pepper, is a sweet heart-shaped red pepper (soon to be your sweetheart!) that is native to the Valencia region of Spain. It鈥檚 believed to have arrived via Columbus who left a varietal with the Spanish monks of the Yuste monastery who then shared it with another congregation in La Nora in the Murcia region. These rich earthy flakes are calling for your air friar!
脩oras are the most commonly used chilli peppers in Spanish cuisine and a large majority become piment贸n dule or sweet paprika. Spanish piment贸n (which just means paprika) can be spicy, smoky, sweet, or even bittersweet, depending on pepper variety and drying process. 脩oras lend not only that familiar fire engine red color but add intense sweetness to soups and stews, including Bacalao a la Vizcaina聽(a Basque-style codfish stew), to paella and to sauces like traditional romesco.
Get your 帽ora flake fix on by making your own mojo pic贸n (possibly the next Pantone color of the year?) and serve with smashed or mashed potatoes. It pairs beautifully with all types of seafood and we suggest making 帽ora chilli mussels fancy Friday a regular thing. Transform your everyday snacks into delightful tapas with our 帽ora chilli flakes.聽


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