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Spice Advice: Mustard & Tarragon

Spice Advice: Mustard & Tarragon

 Spice Advice: Mustard & Tarragon

Our #1 underrated Spicewalla¬†sleeper blend,¬†Mustard & Tarragon,¬†is a simpler take on a French classic. In this Spicewalla original, bittersweet tarragon melds with the pungent flavors of yellow mustard, garlic, & white pepper, making an elegant blend that can be enjoyed on everything from cauliflower steaks to beef tenderloin.¬†We made this blend after being approached by a butcher who was looking for a seasoning that works well with veal. So, we went to work‚ÄĒinspired by the simple luxury of the classic French mustard and tarragon cream sauce. As a marinade, this blend works well with pork, veal, chicken, and steak. Try adding a healthy pinch to a fond (the brown bits and caramelized drippings found after sauteing or roasting) covered pan with a touch of white wine and cream for a delicious sauce. Or, mix it with a bit of oil and vinegar for a great salad dressing.¬†

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  • Just in case you missed the spicy news, the name of this blend has been upgraded in the past year! We currently offer this same, delicious Signature Blend recipe under the new and improved name: French Herbed Dijon. Please reach out to for any questions or support.

    Spicewalla Team on
  • Please bring back Mustard & Tarragon Rub!

    teri on
  • With gastroparesis, eating solid food makes me very ill, but Mustard & Tarragon is a trustworthy favorite! It‚Äôs politely fragrant and it brings a caramelized magic to my boring chicken broth. A pinch per cup is plenty! Thank you ūüíĖ

    Sara Pratt on

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