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Spice Advice: Ras El Hanout

Spice Advice: Ras El Hanout


The blend-iest blend we’ve ever blended, Ras El Hanout. Literally translating to "head of the shop," this Moroccan blend was created as the ultimate spice-flex for merchants and shop owners. Allowing them to feature their “top” spices (often up to 100) in a single blend. But, don’t let that number overwhelm you if you‘re thinking of making your own, or if you’re not big on lots of spices. Today, the blend can be found with up too 100 spices, or as little as 7! We use 12 :) ⁣

Though popular in Moroccan and other North African cuisine, most of the spices used in this blend didn’t originate in Morocco, rather they were brought over during the Columbus-era spice trade. While there‘s a basic foundation of spices usually found in Ras el Hanout, like cardamom, cinnamon, and cumin, at the end of the day it’s literally a blend of whatever spices you’re feeling especially into (within reason). ⁣

Because there’s no “traditional” recipe, the flavor profile is unique to the person making the blend. Ours is a mix of spicy, sweet, and savory—perfect for rubs and marinades, rice and other grains, soups and stews, or even sprinkled over some snacks like popcorn or roasted veggies. Need some visual inspo for using Ras el Hanout at home? Check out our Ras el Hanout Sweet Potato Peanut Stew!

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  • Hello!
    I’m excited about cooking with your spices.
    Are all of these Spices gluten-free?
    I have celiac.
    Thank you!

    Irene on

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