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Pumpkin Carving... Spicewalla Style

Pumpkin Carving... Spicewalla Style

The air's getting chilly, the leaves are falling, and the pumpkins are making their much-anticipated Jack O’Lantern debuts. We want to help y’all reach maximum festivity levels this year, so we thought we’d start with our very own pumpkin carving stencils! We also pumped up the pumpkin vibes with a quick and delicious recipe for Spiced Pumpkin Seeds. No more throwing away those tasty little suckers - dress 'em up with some Jerk Seasoning, Green Za'atar or Chilli Lime! So now you've got your weekend plans all set. Get your besties together for a carving night, then relax and enjoy a well-deserved spicy snack. Heck, maybe even a super seasonal sipper or two. Click below for all our printable stencils, and be sure to tag us on social media when you’re all done. Happy carving!




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