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Matt Morse's Spicewalla Cranberry Orange Sugar Cosmo

Matt Morse's Spicewalla Cranberry Orange Sugar Cosmo

One of Matts best friends Cody Laughlin bought him his first legal cocktail for his 21st birthday and it happened to be a cosmo, Since his birthday happens to be in middle of December, every year he celebrates his birthday along with Christmas with a nice cosmo! Hopefully you don‚Äôt get cut off after one like he did.



Cranberry cordial

50 g Spicewalla cranberry orange sugar

50 g cranberry juice 

50 g water 


1 1/2oz vodka (we used titos)

1/2oz cointreau 

3/4oz lime 

3/4oz Spicewalla cranberry orange sugar cordial 

Pinch of Spicewalla rosemary 


Make cordial:

Add all ingredients to a pot heat on medium until ingredients are combined

Let cool and set aside 

Assemble Cocktail:

Rim a martini glass with spicewalla Cranberry Orange Sugar 

Add all ingredients to a shaker tin add ice and shake vigorously 

Double strain into a martini glass 


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