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Maker Spotlight: Legally Addictive

Maker Spotlight: Legally Addictive

Legally Addictive is a food brand that started in a small NYC kitchen about 7 years ago by its founder Laura Shafferman. They make sweet and salty cookies made from crackers, toffee, chocolate and sea salt. Laura started selling these delicious cracker cookies at Etsy markets and at various coffee shops in the city, making deliveries on bike, subway, taxi, and sometimes on foot! In 2022 they needed to expand and got lucky enough to find the perfect space in Weaverville, NC. 

A lot of their products are flavored with Spicewalla blends! They were inspired by seeing other Asheville brands using Spicewalla's Chai Masala spice blend in their products and decided to do the same. They had also tried several times to make their own Mexican Hot Chocolate blend to use on their cookies but could never get it quite right. Spicewalla to the rescue! Our Mexican Hot Chocolate blend is featured in one of their scrumptious cookies as well. 

What sets this product apart is the uniqueness of the product itself, the brand personality and the flavors - you have to try the Everything cookies! Legally Addictive products can be purchased on their website, at the Spicewalla retail store in Asheville or in any of their retail partners.



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