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Garlic & Herb Shrimp Scampi

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Garlic & Herb Shrimp Scampi

Buttery, herbeaceous, bright... easy. This 20 minute recipe will have you feelin' fancy in no time. Our Garlic & Herb rub gives this dish some zesty punches of flavour while the wine and lemon give it a light brightness. A huge shout out to our friends at Hungryroot for hooking us up with wild caught shrimp and the cutest packets of Spicewalla Garlic & Herb you've ever seen! Head over to Hungryroot.com to get more delicious recipes (and meal plans, and groceries) all in one place. 
Yield: 2 servings
TIme: 20 minutes

1 Tbs unsalted butter
1 Tbs extra virgin olive oil
1 Tbs Spicewalla Garlic & Herb
Salt and Pepper to taste
1/2 cup dry white wine
7 oz raw shrimp, peeled and tails removed
2 Tbs fresh parsley, chopped, plus more for garnish
1/2 lemon, plus extra for finishing

1. Melt butter and olive oil in a saute pan over medium heat.
2. Add Garlic & Herb blend plus a pinch of salt and pepper.
3. Pour in 1/2 cup of dry white wine and simmer for about 2 minutes until slightly reduced.
4. Add the shrimp to the pan and saute until they turn pink and the sauce has thickened, about 4 minutes.
5. Remove from the heat, add chopped parsley and juice from 1/2 of a lemon.
6. Serve with extra lemon wedges and fresh parsley. Enjoy!

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