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Spice Advice: Fennel Seed

Spice Advice: Fennel Seed

Mentos aren't the only “freshmaker” around. Fennel seeds have been used for centuries as an after-meal mint. Think of it as Mother Earth’s gift to a world filled w/ onion heavy meals and coffee drinkers. While the notion of using fennel as a breath freshener might seem foreign to some in the U.S., the concept is deeply ingrained in Indian culture. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find an Indian restaurant without a bowl filled w/ a colorful mix of toasted fennel & candy-coated fennel sitting near the exit. This combo, referred to as Mukhwas, serves not only as a delicious way to freshen up your breath post-meal, but also as a natural digestive aid. Grab a spoonful next time you visit one of our sister restaurants Chai Pani and Botiwalla.

Fennel seeds are the fruit of the extremely versatile Fennel plant—part of the Apiaceae fam along w/ carrots and parsley. A bit of an overachieving multitasker, this plant is good for a lot more than just its seeds. Every part of the fennel plant is edible, including it’s stalk, bulb, feathery fronds, and flowers. The plant as a whole is known for its licorice and anise-like flavor profile, which is used to compliment a wide range of dishes (depending on which part of the fennel plant you’re using). But, right now you’re staring at a pic of our gorgeous Spicewalla fennel seeds, so let’s chat about that for a sec. Fennel seeds are a great addition to both savory and sweet dishes like freshly baked bread, stuffing, sausages, cakes, and....brittle? Yep. We tested it out. And it’s delicious. Here is the recipe. You're welcome in advance. 


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