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Cranberry Orange Seltzer

Cranberry Orange Seltzer

Throw this quick, sparkly, satisfying, booze-free sipper together for any special occasion. Light, fruity, customizable, and rimmed with our Cranberry Orange Sugar - not just gorgeous, but also super delish.


Spicewalla Cranberry Orange Sugar
¼ cup cranberry juice
¼ cup tangerine or orange juice
2 Tbsp ginger beer
¼ cup plain seltzer water
Maraschino cherries for garnish
Orange slices for garnish

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  1. Pour the Spicewalla Cranberry Orange Sugar into a small shallow bowl or plate. Rub one of the orange slices around the rim of a highball glass and dip the glass rim into the sugar. 
  2. Fill the glass with ice. Add the cranberry juice, tangerine juice, ginger beer and seltzer. Garnish with a couple Maraschino cherries and an orange slice. Enjoy!

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