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Chai Masala Matzah Brittle

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It's Passover and we've got matzah on the mind! Matzah (also known as matzo or matzoh) is a Jewish unleavened bread that's crispy and cracker-like and serves as the perfect brittle-y base for melted chocolate, rich toffee, toasted almonds, and flaky coconut. Our Chai Masala blend brings a warming sensation to this candy-like snack, as flavours of ginger, cinnamon, & green cardamom tickle your tongue. Easy to assemble and even easier to devour, you'll want to make this recipe over and over again.

Chai Masala Matzah Brittle

Yield: 10-12 servings
Time: 30 minutes


5 pieces of thin, salted Matzo crackers
2 sticks unsalted butter
1.5 cups brown sugar
2 Tbs Spicewalla Chai Masala
2 cups semi sweet chocolate chips
1/2 cup sliced almonds, toasted
1/4 cup toasted coconut chips


  1. Preheat the oven to 375* F.
  2. Line a sheet tray with parchment paper then lay out the matzah crackers in a single, even layer, you may have to break a couple to fit.
  3. Combine the butter and brown sugar in a saucepan and bring to boil. Cook, 4. stirring constantly for about 4 minutes.
  4. Stir in the Chai Masala and immediately pour the toffee over the matzah and spread to evenly cover the crackers. 
  5. Place in the oven for 5 minutes until the toffee has darkened and is bubbling.
  6. Immediately sprinkle the chocolate chips evenly over the hot toffee and let sit for a few minutes until melted. 
  7. Spread the chocolate evenly over the toffee and sprinkle with almonds and coconut chips.
  8. Let cool completely then break apart and enjoy!
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