All things Indian food culture from the master of spices himself, chef Meherwan Irani.

How to make garam masala

Learn how to make Garam Masala at home from scratch. Don't worry! These spices can be found in any grocery store, and will very soon be available in our shop.

DIY Dabba

Each home in India has their own dabba made up of custom spices. Learn how to choose for yours!

Cutting Chai

Chai Pani's first in-house culinary documentary, Cutting Chai, originally premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival as a full-length feature film. The film has now been adapted into an online series for your viewing pleasure. Episodes 1-10 are now available to watch at the Chai Pani Channel

Ep. 1 - Chai

Chai Pani chefs Meherwan, James, and Daniel, and cameraman Michael begin their trip with an introduction to the street food scene of India, and in particular, the finer points of chai culture.

Ep. 2 - parsi

A look at a unique part of chef Meherwan Irani's heritage, his father's side of the family, and his Parsi roots - a very unique and small ethnic group of India with amazing cuisine.