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Spicewalla ambassador program
Spicewalla ambassador program

Welcome to the World of Superior Flavour

Become a Spicewalla Brand Ambassador to join our community of spicy home cooks, chefs, and recipe developers. We’re looking for spice-loving creators who have a palate for superior flavour and are obsessed with keeping their kitchen stocked with the freshest spices & herbs.

Spicy Perks

Spice up Your Kitchen

Stock up on your favourite spices, herbs, and seasonings. Brand Ambassadors receive free Spicewalla products for their kitchen. Your next shelfie is gonna be extra spicy.

First Dibs

Get the spicy scoop on upcoming, unreleased Spicewalla Products. Ambassadors get exclusive access to our new products before they become available to the rest of our spice community.

Earn Spicy Commission

Spread the spice! Earn commission on each order you refer!


What are the requirements to become an Ambassador?
  • A public social media profile with robust engagement
  • A foundation of aesthetic food, wellness, or lifestyle-related posts or press
  • An inclusive, eclectic, forward-thinking tone
  • Mailing address located within the United States
How are Spicewalla Ambassadors compensated?

Ambassadors receive commission on every order they refer to us! Ambassadors may also receive opportunities to earn flat fees by working on larger campaigns.

Are there any posting requirements?

Nope! Ambassadors can post when they want and how ever often they want. Ambassadors who participate in marketing campaigns will receive posting requirement for those specific campaigns.

How do Spicewalla Ambassadors receive payments?

Spicewalla Ambassadors are paid via PayPal Payouts. Ambassadors receive access to a Partner Portal with a personalized dashboard to view commissions, payments, campaigns, analytics, and other metrics.

Do Spicewalla Ambassadors receive discounts on products?

Yes! Spicewalla Ambassadors receive 10% off approved products in addition to receiving free products sent for promotion.