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Indian-Spiced Pork Roast - Bon Appétit

I grew up in India, so my first experience with American holiday traditions was with my wife’s family. They’re Jewish, but they do Christmas bigger, badder, and louder than most, not to mention their over-the-top Thanksgiving feasts. Turkey’s hard to cook and always dry, so I’m always thinking, what can I do that’s as centerpiece worthy?

MUSTARD GREEN MASALA - taste magazine

Masala means “mixture,” and this is one fine combination of ginger, garlic, onions, and a flurry of delicious and fragrant Indian spices (turmeric, coriander, garam masala). We call for mustard greens here, but you can substitute with other leafy greens, like kale or spinach.

Crispy okra fries - garden & gun

The recipe for the very popular okra fries on the menus at both Chai Pani locations and MG Road comes directly from the chef’s mother, and it couldn’t be much easier to follow at home. “I’m pretty sure my mom invented this recipe,” Irani says. “It was the only way she could get me to eat okra."

INDIAN LAMB KEBABS - taste magazine

This Indian kebab marinade is equally perfect for a weekend barbecue or a Tuesday night dinner (and the marinade will keep in the refrigerator for up to four weeks and can be used with beef, lamb, or chicken). And soy sauce in an Indian dish? You better believe it. It’s natural umami takes the lamb in a very interesting direction.

ROOT VEGETABLE CHAAT - taste magazine

Roasting root vegetables is a tradition that spans the globe. Here’s a delicious and fragrant Indian take, where beets, carrots, and turnips are tossed with Indian spices and finished with lime juice.

malabar chicken curry - the aerogram

Chef Irani graciously shared his recipe for Malabar Chicken Curry from Chai Pani with The Aerogram’s readers, for those of us who won’t be making it to Asheville, North Carolina, or Decatur, Georgia, for a while.

Vegetable Pulao - taste MAGAZINE

There’s a standard side of rice, and there is pulao—a fragrant and fancy bowl of rice laced with almonds, raisins and Indian spices.

Corn Bhel - Atlanta magazine

Just in time for the local sweet corn season, Chai Pani in Decatur offers this recipe for a refreshing summer salad.


All things Indian food culture from the master of spices himself, chef Meherwan Irani.

How to make garam masala

Learn how to make Garam Masala at home from scratch. Don't worry! These spices can be found in any grocery store, and will very soon be available in our shop.

DIY Dabba

Each home in India has their own dabba made up of custom spices. Learn how to choose for yours!

Cutting Chai

Chai Pani's first in-house culinary documentary, Cutting Chai, originally premiered at the Atlanta Film Festival as a full-length feature film. The film has now been adapted into an online series for your viewing pleasure. Episodes 1-10 are now available to watch at the Chai Pani Channel

Ep. 1 - Chai

Chai Pani chefs Meherwan, James, and Daniel, and cameraman Michael begin their trip with an introduction to the street food scene of India, and in particular, the finer points of chai culture.

Ep. 2 - parsi

A look at a unique part of chef Meherwan Irani's heritage, his father's side of the family, and his Parsi roots - a very unique and small ethnic group of India with amazing cuisine.