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Tin Talk: Sustainability, Functionality, & Modernity

Tin Talk: Sustainability, Functionality, & Modernity

how we're changing the modern spice world

written by: D. Lanzet

There is value in aligning our vibrant packaging with our brand beliefs and we choose tin because we believe it's where beautiful form and function meet. Not to mention it holds all our mindblasting goodness inside while blocking light, which can degrade spices (a common issue with clear glass or plastic containers).

Our tins, which begin their journey in Dongguan, China, are made from tinplate (with post consumer recycled content that exceeds 10-20%) and are completely recyclable. Because metal is infinitely recyclable, the more it is recycled, the less carbon emissions are generated and less natural resources are used to extract virgin metal.

We source all of our ingredients — from tins to spices — from suppliers that we trust. Because we source spices from all over the world and have them shipped to our factory in North Carolina, there is of course an environmental impact ingrained in the journey. If we could source our entire catalog locally at the necessary volume our customers demand, we would, but spices are so place based. We do our best to honor where they come from.

Our brand values of everyday functionality, fun modernity, and the importance of sustainability are evident in our paper labels, our robust refill pack program, and our use of corrugated cardboard as packing material.

Learn more about our refill pack program here!

Photography: Jennifer Cole Rodriguez, The Local Palate


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