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Spiced Candle D.I.Y.

Spiced Candle D.I.Y.

Fall is here y'all, so we're rolling out our coziest recipes to get you in that autumnal mood.  Between tasty Rosemary-infused cocktails, a warming Kashmiri Hominy soup, and Pumpkin Pie Spice everything, you might think there's not much more we could suggest to bring the cozy level to 10. Think again!  Ever-ready with a quarantine craft, our lovely 'walla Chloe, has got the dish on a scented candle D.I.Y. that will inspire you to save some of those last pinches of your Lemon Peel or Pumpkin Pie Spice. All you need is a Spicewalla tin, a little bit of your favorite smelling spice, melted beeswax, a wick, and you'll be on your way to a session of aromatherapy courtesy of Dr. Spicewalla.  For this prescription of comfort, there is no charge!


1lb beeswax (or however much you have!)
3/4 cup coconut oil
Essential oil (optional)
Candle wicks
Spicewalla empty-ish tins (keep about a tsp of the spice!)

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1. In a double boiler, or by placing a glass measuring cup in hot, simmering water, melt your wax. You want the water to be lightly bubbling, and be sure to use a vessel you won't be cooking with, as the wax will be hard to get out. I used an old glass measuring cup that is now my "wax cup".
2. Once your wax has melted, which could take anywhere from 30 minutes or longer (beeswax takes the longest), add in your melted or soft coconut oil. Stir to incorporate. Add in any essential oil if you're using it, but don't add in the spices yet. 
3. Using a little wax on the bottom of the wick to make it stick to the tin, place your wicks on the bottom of your empty tins. Once your wick is stuck to the bottom, add back in the spices or herbs (or more essential oil! Play with it, add more scent as needed.)
3. Pour wax into tins very carefully, and then set aside. Using a clothespin or whatever tool you have, try to position on top of the tin in order to keep the wicks standing straight up while the wax hardens. You can add more spices on top before the wax cools for an even stronger smell. When lit, the warm wax will act as a diffuser for the spices.
4. Let candles cure for 48 hours to avoid cracking. Light them up and enjoy!

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