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Spice Advice: Sweet Hickory BBQ Rub

Spice Advice: Sweet Hickory BBQ Rub

Get ready to embark on a fresh flavour journey with our Sweet Hickory BBQ Rub! This magical blend is like a backyard barbecue in a tin, packed with the essence of summer and good company.

First, let’s talk a little history. Hickory smoked meats served with a sweetened sauce have been one of the most popular ways to enjoy BBQ for generations. Picture the early days when pitmasters were perfecting the art of smoking with hickory wood swapping tips, tricks and techniques with friends and family, creating mouthwatering feasts that would bring the whole community together. Our Sweet Hickory BBQ Rub is a tribute to those days, with a modern twist.

Now, for the secret sauce—the ingredients! We start with a hearty base of brown sugar, because what’s BBQ without a touch of sweetness? Then we blend in rich Spanish Paprika and light chilli powder to add just the right amount of zing. Salt, black pepper, tomato powder, garlic, and onion elevate those flavours and add depth for a robust, tangy punch. And the pièce de résistance? Hickory smoke powder, to infuse that unmistakable, smokey charm.

Use this versatile rub on pork, chicken, brisket, or even sprinkle it on veggies for a smokey-sweet taste experience. Just coat your food generously, let it sit for a while to soak up the goodness, then grill, bake, or smoke to perfection. Whether you're a seasoned pitmaster or a backyard BBQ newbie, Spicewalla’s Sweet Hickory BBQ Rub will make you the hero of every cookout.


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