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Spice Advice: Rosemary

Spice Advice: Rosemary

spice advice: rosemary

Sweet, resiny Rosemary. Redolent of pine and historically considered to be quite the mythical herb, it’s powerful scent played a role in witchcraft, as it was thought to ward off sickness and protect against spells. The herb can also be traced back to ancient Greek and Roman weddings, where it was worn by brides as a symbol of loyalty and love. Today, sprigs of this evergreen shrub are widely used as a symbol of remembrance for those who have passed—a tradition originating in ancient Egypt.

Native to the Mediterranean, Rosemary gets its name from the Latin words ros and marinus meaning “dew of the sea.” A member of the mint family, these fragrant needles are a simple option for adding aromatic, herbal flavor to dishes like pot pie or homemade crackers without overwhelming other subtle flavors. Used by the ancient Greeks as early as 500 BC to both flavor and preserve food, the woody, lemony, pine-like herb’s spotlight hasn’t dimmed since, and it’s one of the most common garden herbs planted today.

Try adding some to your next homemade loaf of bread or tray of roasted vegetables. The stiff leaves also taste magical when stuffed under a roast chicken skin or stirred into a vegetable frittata. Try it in sweeter recipes too like fruit salads, coffee cakes, and lemon pound cake.

Looking for more rosemary inspo? Check out this rosemary infused cocktail!


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