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Spice Advice: Kashmiri Chilli Powder

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Kashmiri Chilli PowderSpice Advice: Kashmiri Chilli Powder

Long before the days of artificial dyes there were spices. A crowd fave being Kashmiri Chilli, or Mirch—the Hindi word for chilli. Bred for its fiery red color and balanced heat, Kashmiri Chillies are known for lending dishes like rogan josh and tandoori chicken their vibrant coral shade. Believed to have been brought to India by the Portuguese during the Spice Trade, this red (not so) hot chilli is home to Kashmir—the region for which the chilli gets its name.

Kashmiri Chilli is typically dried and sold its full spicy form, or ground into a fine powder. Slightly fruity with mild spice, the powder won’t add a ton of heat to your dish, and is similar to saffron in that it’s often called upon for its hue as well as its flavor. But don’t let its mild-nature fool you, this crimson chilli is no slouch in the taste department; delivering a layer of savory, well-rounded piquancy to meats, vegetables, curries, and basically anything you throw at it.

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