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Sage & Pear Margarita Sage & Pear Margarita

Sage & Pear Margarita

Just because the holidays have arrived does not mean summer refreshers are out of the question. In fact, the margarita is fully favorable (and "flavorable") all year round. This version of a spicy marg is bursting with flavors that will make you say "WOW!" and knock the socks off your family and friends. Kashmiri Honey gives this drink a mild kick without packing too much heat, and the sage adds a touch of velvety eucalyptus to the peppery, vanilla-scented reposado tequila. Your heart will sing and your mouth will thank you.


2oz Sage-infused Reposado tequila*
.75oz Spiced Pear Syrup*
1oz fresh lemon juice
.25oz Kashmiri Honey*

*Kashmiri Honey
1 cup honey
1/2 cup hot water
1 tsp. Spicewalla Kashmiri Chili Powder
Combine ingredients in a small bowl or heat-safe container and stir thoroughly.

*Sage-infused Reposado Tequila
1 cup Reposado tequila (make sure it's 100% agave)
1 tbsp. Spicewalla Rubbed Sage
Add sage to tequila in a small glass jar with a lid, and shake well. Store in a cool, dark space overnight or for up to 12 hours. Strain tequila through a fine mesh sieve and discard sage.

*Spiced Pear Syrup
1 cup pear juice (such as R.W. Knudsen)
1 Comice pear, diced into 1” chunks
½ cup cane sugar
Spicewalla Cinnamon Stick

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Rubbed Sage
Rubbed Sage



For the Spiced Pear Syrup:

Add all ingredients to a medium saucepan and bring to a boil, stirring to dissolve sugar. Reduce to a simmer and cook for 10 minutes. Remove from heat and allow to cool completely. Strain syrup through a fine mesh sieve and discard pear chunks and cinnamon.

cocktail assembly

Add sage-infused tequila, lemon juice, spiced pear syrup, and kashmiri honey to a shaker tin and fill with ice. Shake vigorously, then strain into a rocks glass with fresh ice or a large cube. Garnish with a lemon twist, and/or fresh sage leaves.


*cue "Tequila" by The Champs*


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Rubbed Sage
Rubbed Sage



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