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Mexican Vs. Mediterranean Oregano Mexican Vs. Mediterranean Oregano

Mexican Vs. Mediterranean Oregano

You've always sorta wondered, but never thought to ask. "What's the deal with Mediterranean vs. Mexican Oregano?" We wanted to school you a lil bit and help you make the best oregano choices possible! We hope you try both, because each one of these herbal besties is truly wonderful. Your taste buds will thank you!


Mediterranean Oregano (Origanum vulgare) - also known as Greek/Italian oregano

  • Flavor: mild, sweet, peppery and a little mentholy
  • Origin: Turkey, Greece, Italy, Spain, Morocco
  • Climate: grown in temperate climate
  • Texture: fine
  • Part of the mint family
  • Most commonly known version of Oregano found in pizza shops, total pantry staple
  • Pairings: pasta, tomatoes, fish, pizza, eggplant


Mexican Oregano (Lippia graveolens) - also known as wild oregano

  • Flavor: strong, pungent, anise, licorice, bright, floral, citrus, in your face, baby!
  • Origin: Mexico, Guatemala, and Central America
  • Climate: HOT, HOT, HOT areas
  • Texture: more coarse/chunky, larger leaves
  • Part of the Verbena family
  • Pairings: beef, chili, mole, carnitas, beans, shrimp


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