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Meet the Wallas - James Grogan

Meet the Wallas - James Grogan

Well hey, friends! We're writing our first Spice Journal to you straight from our 'lil warehouse in Asheville, NC. We're planning on using the next few journal entries to introduce you to our dear Spicewalla team. Today, you get the dignified pleasure of meeting our spiciest spice boy, the one and only, James Grogan!

A little to know about James: Nearly a decade ago, in Asheville, fate and Chai Pani's good fortune landed James in 20 hours of interviews for the soon to open restaurant. He was hired as one of only 4 kitchen members and as the Chef de Cuisine, James oversaw a staff of 20. Earlier this year, James transitioned to run Spicewalla, where he's in charge of overseeing all operations. You'll see him dreaming up the next best blend, talking to dozens of restaurants about their orders, chatting with press about spices, managing his great team of people, and pretty much keeping everything rocking and rolling. 

Want to get to know James a little better? Take a peek at this documentary we made called Cutting Chai. It follows James, Meherwan, Daniel, and Mikey on a culinary adventure to India. Since being filmed, James has continued to venture to India on his own to keep his street food chops up. 

Want to connect with James? Click here. 


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