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Matt Morse's Paw Paw Daiquiri

Matt Morse's Paw Paw Daiquiri

After moving to North Carolina,Local Bar Manager Matt Morse of The Admiral fell in love with the pawpaw fruit that grows so prolifically here having not seen it anywhere else before and often uses in cocktails at The Admiral. If you haven‚Äôt yet discovered the joys of the pawpaw, here‚Äôs the ultimate introduction. Sweet, juicy, and perfect for any occasion where good friends are gathered.


Pawpaw syrup:
10g of spicewalla Chinese 5 spice
1g vanilla
500g of pawpaw juice

Pawpaw Daiquiri:
1oz Plantation original dark 
1oz Don Q rum 
3/4oz paw paw spicewalla chinese 5 spice syrup 
3/4oz lime 

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Pawpaw Spicewalla Chinese 5 spice syrup 

  1. Cut a bunch of pawpaws in half and scoop out the guts seeds and all into a pot 
  2. Weigh pawpaw guts and add equal amounts of water to the pot 
  3. Let simmer on medium heat until combined stirring frequently 
  4. Run through a fine mesh strainer to get out all the seeds and other solids 
  5. Weigh the left over strained juice and add equal parts Demerara sugar 
  6. Add 10g of spicewalla Chinese 5 spice and 1g vanilla for every 500g of pawpaw juice 
  7. Heat on medium until combined 
  8. Run through a fine mesh strainer into a container


Make the drink:

  1. combine all ingredients to a shaker tin and add ice 
  2. Shake vigorously then double strain (through a fine mesh strainer) into a coupe glass 
  3. Garnish with a lime 

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