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Matt Morse: Turkey Flight Matt Morse: Turkey Flight

Matt Morse: Turkey Flight

Everyones heard of an Old Fashioned and a Manhattan,  but have you ever heard of a Turkey Fight? We hadn't either. Coming all the way to us from Montana through our good friend Matt Morse from The Admiral in West Asheville, this cocktail is a married Combination of a Manhattan and an Old Fashioned created by Matts friend and mentor in food and beverage Brent Bushong. Brent used to make this Cocktail every year for their employee party. When Matt Moved to away from Montana he took this tradition with him and made his own twist to his favorite holiday drink.


Chai hot chocolate coffee syrup:

Make a syrup with coffee and chai hot chocolate  

200g coffee

200g dem sugar 

25g Spicewalla chai hot cocoa spice mix 


2 oz wild turkey 101 rye 

1/2 oz spicewalla chai hot chocolate coffee syrup 

2 dashes angostura bitters 

1 dash raegans orange bitters 



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Make Syrup

Weigh out all ingredients and add them to a small Sauce Pot.

Heat on medium heat until combined 

Run through a fine mesh strainer into a container and let cool

Assemble Cocktail

Measure all ingredients into a mixing glass add ice and stir for thirty seconds

Strain into an old fashioned glass with a big rock 

Peel an orange and zest it over top and drop it in 

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