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Maker Spotlight: Queen City Crunch

Maker Spotlight: Queen City Crunch

SW: So, who is Queen City Crunch, and how did y’all get started?

QCC: Queen City Crunch was started by Katie Cooper in her home kitchen in 2021, using her mom's recipe (what’s now called “The OG”) 

SW: What’s the pretzel making process like? Ever any bumps in the road to overcome?  

QCC: Like with our Spicewalla Fiesta collaboration, sometimes we purchase a blend from a spice maker we love like you! We then bake them and hand bag them. That’s right - we're still hand bagging! Everything is made with a lot of love and labor! There are always some kind of bumps to overcome, but that’s been the fun part (sort of)!
SW: How did you come up with your recipe and flavours? What was the inspiration?

QCC: Like we mentioned, “The OG” was Katie's mom’s recipe, and the rest followed suit through trial and error. Her daughter wanted something non-spicy, so she created "The Dill" flavor. The others have been brought up due to interest, and we test and test until we get them right! 

SW: Which products can folks find that use Spicewalla? How’d you choose Spicewalla to source your ingredients? How’d you hear about us? 

QCC: The Fiesta flavor is made using Spicewalla’s Chilli Lime, and folks have been saying it really is perfect for Cinco de Mayo! We met y’all at Atlanta Mart and the rest is history. We had previously heard of Spicewalla from other brands who have used your seasonings, as well as all the various stores we see you in. 
SW: What do you think sets your product apart from others? 

QCC: Our pretzels are very addictive! They are super crunchy and extremely bold in flavors. They are handmade, hand broken, and no two pieces are the same! 

SW: What’s your favorite thing about your products in general? Any favorite experiences so far?

QCC: My (Katie's) favorite thing about the products is the progression of the business, and how it has transformed over the few years. My favorite experience was when we went to apply for Shark Tank

SW: What are you excited about in the food world right now? What inspires you?

QCC: I love connecting with other women food Entrepreneurs! It is so inspiring to meet so many amazing women that love what they do! Everyone is so willing to share knowledge and insight, it’s really incredible. 

SW: Where can folks purchase your delicious products?

QCC: and many great stores around the US! Our website has a store locator, so feel free to check your local area online.


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