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Maker Spotlight: Blue Circle Foods

Maker Spotlight: Blue Circle Foods



Blue Circle Foods is an employee-owned sustainable seafood company founded in 2005 by organic industry pioneers. They are passionate about continuous improvement in both aquaculture (fish farming) and wild-caught fishing practices. As a protein producer, they feel a responsibility to the environment. Their farmed Norwegian Atlantic Salmon is a net protein producer, meaning that unlike farmed beef, chicken, and pork, their salmon generates more protein than they take out of the environment. For every pound of salmon they produce, they take less than half a pound of fish out of the ocean. Through their efforts in using microalgae in their salmon feed they have shortened the food chain so Omega-3s and energy from superfood microalgae go straight to the salmon, bypassing smaller fish. The result? They take WAY less fish out of the ocean.  



Introducing Blue Circle Foods new product: Salmon Shorties

Salmon Shorties are mini salmon sausages seasoned with Spicewalla’s Chilli Lime Seasoning and hardwood smoked for mouthwatering flavor. They are delicious on their own, or you can serve them with avocado crema dip. Shorties are part of the Blue Circle Foods’ newly developing salmon sausage family. Salmon sausages are a great way to eat less meat and incorporate more Omega-3 rich seafood into your diet without sketchy ingredients. They’re also just fun. 

When looking for spices to use in their new Salmon Shorties product they wanted to find a spice company that was mission-aligned on great flavor and sustainable practices. There are a lot of ways that Spicewalla and seafood go together. Hot tip: the Citrus & Sesame Everything Seasoning is delicious on fish. 

Shorties are available for a limited time only on the Blue Circle Foods website and at Pop-Up Grocer in NYC. Get them while you can! 

Check out our recipe for Chilli Lime Salmon Shortie Bites!



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