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I'm a Spicewalla: Alexa Norlin of Normal Ice Cream

I'm a Spicewalla: Alexa Norlin of Normal Ice Cream

Salt Lake City based founder of normal® ice cream, Alexa Norlin, is changing the ice cream world one cone at a time. While you'll still find sweet tooth staples such as milk chocolate and salted vanilla bean at normal®, you can also expect to be mindblasted by unconventional flavours like wasabi & ube –or most recently, Spicewalla Sumac and a "Gin & Tonic" ice cream using Spicewalla Juniper Berries. Not only is Alexa elevating the flavour game, but she is making ice cream dreams come true by introducing the normal® pint club, a monthly ice cream subscription service shipping nation-wide that brings you all of her latest & strangest creations. Check them out and get yourself a pint (or two)!

i'm a spicewalla: alexa norlin of normal® ice cream

Tell us a little about yourself and what you do!
normal® ice cream is anything but ordinary. Maybe it’s our unconventional flavor combos, our locally sourced milk from happy cows, or our knack for snagging the very best ingredients our ice cream monies can buy – no matter the reason, our ice cream is for all and we are all for ice cream. I’m not normal, you’re normal. I am Alexa, the founder/owner of normal®. I started normal for the love of ice cream, of course :)

Which job title most accurately describes you?
Ice cream chef!

What spice(s) do you use the most in the kitchen?
We love everything unexpected! Very excited to make a sumac ice cream, but really into Za'atar lately.

Why do you think using fresh spices is important when it comes to creating delicious recipes?
Fresh spices enhance not only the flavor of the spice itself in the recipe, but they enhance the experience of the entire dish.

Describe the moment you fell in love with Spicewalla?
I just found you! I was looking for a high quality spice brand to partner with that shares the same values as normal does.

Do you have a favorite memory of a spice used in a dish or drink that blew your mind? What was it?
Za'atar roasted carrots - brings out the sweetness in the carrots but also adds such an interesting savory element!

What is your desert island spice (if you could only choose one to use forever!)

What is a spice or blend you'd love to see from us in the future?
Literally anything you make!

Which Spice Girl are you?
Nerdy Spice?


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