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From French Fry to Citrus & Sesame Everything: The Glow Up

From French Fry to Citrus & Sesame Everything: The Glow Up

Hello fellow spicewallas! Ok, ok, let’s clear up any confusion around our new launches. 

Remember last year when we launched a French Fry Seasoning? It isn’t just any french fry seasoning, it’s an amazing blend of coriander, sesame seeds, orange juice powder and aleppo pepper. Sounds delicious right? IT IS DELICIOUS - and after getting more acquainted with this blend and hearing feedback from our beloved customers and our team internally we realized that this blend is actually incredible on SO many other things. Keeping this seasoning in a french fry pigeon hole just wasn’t fair! So we gave her a mini-makeover and a name that better suits her unique charisma…



That’s right, the same amazing blend with a brand new name!

Sprinkle it on chicken, salmon, roasted veggies, dips, salads, popcorn, ramen, mac and cheese!

This tastes good on everything which is why we had to put that word in the name. 


Now, for all you french fry fanatics out there **raises hand** who are looking for a perfect french fry seasoning to go with your hot spuds, fret not my friends… we have launched a French Fry Seasoning Salt that gives you those classic salty, sweet, zesty flavors you’re looking for! The perfect blend of paprika, onion, garlic, salt, sugar and cayenne, all the good things you want on some hot and crispy frenchies.



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