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Ancho Chilli Braised Short Ribs Ancho Chilli Braised Short Ribs

Ancho Chilli Braised Short Ribs

Nothing says "i love you" like a healthy serving of smoky, tender, short ribs, atop a heaping peak of creamy polenta. Whoops, sorry caught you drooling. Featuring Porter Road dry-aged Texas Short Ribs and smoky Spicewalla Ancho Chilli Powder, we developed this recipe with a hot date in mind, but fully recommend wining and dining yourself with this one too.  Cook these bad boys just how we like 'em - low and slow for a tender and juicy experience to share with a boo, a bestie, or enjoy on your own.


3 pounds bone in beef short ribs

Kosher Salt

Freshly cracked Black Pepper

Spicewalla Ancho Chilli Powder

2 Tbs avocado oil 

2 carrots, coarsely chopped

2 yellow onions, coarsely chopped

3 celery stalks, coarsely chopped

3 Tbs tomato paste

1 750 ml bottle dry red wine

4-5 sprigs fresh thyme

4-5 sprigs rosemary

8 sprigs fresh flat-leaf parsley

1 head of garlic, cut in half crosswise

1 quart of beef stock

Polenta, mashed potatoes, stone ground grits for serving

Microgreens, optional


  1. Preheat the oven to 325 *F. Season with salt and pepper. Sprinkle Spicewalla Ancho Chilli Powder over the short ribs and rub to coat evenly.
  2. In a Dutch oven, heat the oil over medium high. Add the short ribs and brown them on all sides, about 8 minutes, work in batches if you need to. Once browned, remove the short ribs and transfer to a plate. 
  3. Add the carrots, onion and celery and a pinch of kosher salt to the pot and cook, stirring occasionally until they start to take on some color, about 5 minutes. 
  4. Add the tomato paste and continue to cook for another 5 minutes, stirring frequently until the tomato paste has darkened in color. 
  5. Pour in the wine and nestle the short ribs into the pot. Simmer for about 30 minutes to reduce. 
  6. Add the beef stock, garlic and herbs. Bring to a simmer and then place the lid on the dutch oven and transfer to the preheated oven. 
  7. Cook for about 2 hours or until the short ribs are very tender. 
  8. Remove the short ribs and transfer them to a plate, strain the sauce into a smaller pot and simmer for 10 minutes to reduce. 
  9. Serve the short ribs on top of polenta, mashed potatoes or stone ground grits. Top with microgreens and enjoy!


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