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Black Peppercorn, Whole

Where to even begin with this fierce, herbaceous staple? These small, spiky beads are the origin of black pepper—when freshly ground, they release a rich bite that can either be the star of a cacio e pepe or a supporting character in everything from roast chicken to fresh salads. Fruitiness is a hallmark of the best ones, which makes sense, considering they’re actually a dried berry traditionally grown in hot locations, such as Southern India and Sri Lanka.

Small Tin 1.4 oz

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

Great pepper. I liked the fancy tins, too.

Linda Harris

I love spacewalla spices. I have been very pleased.

We are so grateful for your sweet & spicy support, Linda! Thank you so much for your kind review.


Tastes great, love the packaging

Bob Warford
Big Fan

I have purchased many cans of your wonderful Black Pepper over the last year or two, after an independent review listed your Black Peppercorns as the best anywhere.

They are certainly the best I've ever had, and I'll continue ordering them.

I do understand a prior review concerned about the size of the portions in your containers, and for heavy users like myself and my family, a larger option might be useful. At the same time, I suspect that more moderate users might end up complaining that their spices had become stale before they were used up.

Whatever size you offer, I will buy enthusiastically (I usually order 4 of the current cans at a time).

Thank you so much for sharing your experience and kind feedback with us, Bob! We are incredibly grateful for your understanding and support of our mission to provide fresh and flavourful products for our home chefs. We look forward to sharing more delicious adventures ahead with you and your family!

Need bigger size and different packaging

I wish this spice came in a bigger size tin as the small size is not worth the price. Also, I honestly can't stand how the spices are packaged. Why do they come in a twisted, unsealed bag stuffed in the tin?

Hi Margeaux, We appreciate your feedback and understand your frustration. One of our goals this year is to move towards a plastic-free model of packaging and to get those pesky, yet protective, bags out of our tins. Currently, the bags help ensure the freshness of the spice our customers receive, as well as protecting the spices from spillage during the shipping process. The size of the tin itself was designed in an effort to promote using fresh products and to avoid using stale spices that sit in a cupboard for months to years. We hope in the future to provide more sizing options for our customers, especially around those products that are typically purchased more frequently. Thank you again for your honest review!

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