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The Peppercorn Collection

The Peppercorn Collection

Ah, the peppercorn- known in some places as the King of Spices. This collection offers a variety of peppercorns to add some much-welcomed diversity to your mashed potatoes, salads, meats, and even ice cream!

White Peppercorn
Musky, mild, and crisp. Derived from the same plant as black peppercorn, but with the outer dark skin removed, which lends a more mild and smooth flavor. Use it in white gravies, salad dressings, and potato dishes.

Black Peppercorn
Fruity, spicy, and floral. It's black peppercorn, but probably the best you've ever had. From its native region: the Southwest coast of India, it was first cultivated in 2000 BC. Try it on everything.

Pink Peppercorn
Sweet, fruity, and delicate. Fun fact: pink peppercorns come from an entirely different species of plant than black or white peppercorns. Try them in sauces, desserts, and "exotic" rubs.

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