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The Chilli Collection

The Chilli Collection

Looking for a little pep in your meal? This collection brings the heat with three different chillies that have three distinct flavor profiles. From smoky to earthy, to mild and fruity, you can use these chilli powders in a hearty breakfast or a decadent chocolate dessert. 

Ancho Chilli Powder
Mild heat, but intense taste. Fruity and sweet, with a distinctive flavour that makes it unmistakenly "ancho." Ancho chilli comes from ripe and dried poblano peppers. Try it in rubs and chocolate desserts.

Chipotle Chilli Powder
Smoky, spicy, and earthy. An essential ingredient in Mexican cooking, it comes from dried and smoked jalepeño peppers. Try it in marinades, sauces, and chilis.

Smoked Paprika
Mild, sweet, and smoky. Made from paprika peppers smoked over an oak fire. Versatile, pairing well with other spices or use it on its own as a rub. Perfect for braises, grilled meats, and marinades.

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