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Kalamata's Kitchen Taste Buds in Harmony Collection + Book


Kalamata and Al Dente are back for their second Food Adventure! Follow them as they explore the magic of different flavors to discover that everyone plays a part in creating harmony.

Included Spices

A perfectly composed spice blend is a lesson in harmony --- each ingredient is special, and even better when they all work together. The inspiration for The Harmony Collection and our children's book, Taste Buds in Harmony, came from our friend Chef Kyo pang. 

"Baba Nyonya people believe in creating a harmonious way with each other," she says, "and that is directly reflected in our food as well. Each character is unique-- but they work perfectly with one another if you understand them well."

Pang, Irani, & Fore's unique spice blends is a joyful example of harmony through the combinations of delicious flavors. We can't wait to hear what kind of Food Adventures they inspire in your kitchen!

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