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Juhu Beach Club Cookbook + Preeti Mistry 3 pack


The Juhu Beach Club Cookbook: Indian Spice, Oakland Soul

When the opportunity to collaborate with Chef Preeti Mistry arose, as super fans, we were PUMPED to get to work! This 3 pack collection of signature blends developed by Preeti features spices and masalas that are essential to anything from Juhu Beach Club.

Included Spices

"What Preeti Mistry does on the page is as delicious and exciting as what she does in her restaurant." - Anthony Bourdain

Vibrant and unexpected, The Juhu Beach Club Cookbook is a bold take on Indian food from Oakland-based James Beard Award nominee Preeti Mistry.

Influenced by their background as a second-generation Indian — born in London, raised across the US, now based in the Bay Area — Preeti's irreverent style informs their personality and their food. This collection of street food, comfort classics, and restaurant favorites blends cuisines from across India with American influences to create irresistible combinations.

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