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Goddess Ghee x Spicewalla Masala Chai Ghee
Goddess Ghee x Spicewalla Masala Chai Ghee

Goddess Ghee x Spicewalla Masala Chai Ghee

Ghee is made by slowly simmering butter until the moisture evaporates, leaving behind the toasty separated milk solids and proteins. This ghee is unlike any other you may have had before. With grass-fed, luscious brown butter, truly raw Appalachian honey, and Spicewalla's delicious Chai Masala, Goddess Ghee's Chai Masala ghee is perfect straight from the jar, on a spoon (or finger!) and also a delectable addition to many recipes.

Unsalted & cultured grass-fed butter, ginger, cinnamon, green cardamom, black pepper, clove, allspice

Try adding 1-2 tbs Chai Masala Ghee to 10oz hot chai/black tea/coffee and blending on high for 1 minute for an extra creamy chai-flavored beverage.
Add 1-2 tbs to hot cereals, oatmeals, smoothies, cakes, and baked goods. Makes a perfect substitution for other oils for baking, especially in banana bread and all sorts of cookies!
Chai Masala Ghee also makes a delicious and simple cake icing! Gently warm for easier spreading and layer on to cakes, brownie and between cookies.
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