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Diaspora Co. Turmeric

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In a few words, Diaspora Co. turmeric is nothing less than the best turmeric on the market.

Diaspora Co. Turmeric is a single origin, direct trade, and sustainably farmed turmeric grown in Andhra Pradesh, India.

 Made with 100% heirloom seeds this Pragati Turmeric Powder is high in curcumin content, the ingredient believed to give Turmeric its anti-inflammatory properties.  Fresh and pungent, Diaspora Co. turmeric has the same perfectly bitter, gingery, and earthy flavors as other turmeric but holds double the potency in taste and smell.


Small Tin (1.4 oz)
Big Tin (3.2 oz)
Small Tin Refill (1.4 oz)
Big Tin Refill (3.2 oz)
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Here at Spicewalla we are extremely excited to be partnering with Diaspora Co. as we believe the work they are doing in the spice world is important and truly revolutionary.  Their Founder and CEO, Sana Javeri Kadri, started the company as a way to make an impact within the turmeric industry, which was growing in popularity at the time. Sana's vision to share the wealth of this powdered gold with the farmers who were cultivating the turmeric, while also getting a product out into the world that was fresher than the rest and the best quality that could be found (sound familiar?). We're honored to be collaborating with this amazing women-owned company that shares our values when it comes to spreading the spice gospel. 

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