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Chaat Masala

Funky, salty, and tangy, Chaat masala is a magical mixture of spices that is entirely unique to Indian cuisine. Put it on anything - from savory flavours to fruity; you won't be disappointed!

Big Tin: 3.3 oz

Ingredients: Amchoor Powder (Mango), Black Salt, Cumin, Coriander, Ginger, Black Pepper, Ajwain Seed, Mint, Hing Powder

Contains: wheat

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Bonni H.
the yum of Indian street food

This is the spice I ate on the streets of Baroda, India many years ago. Terrific to find this. I sprinkle it on kettle potato chips and popcorn and am transported to my student days during that summer. I had tried an online chaat masala but didn't feel confident in the quality. I trust the quality of Spicewalla.
Appreciate the size of the tin and will definitely reorder.
Also adore your restaurant in Asheville.

Thank you very much for your kind and supportive feedback, Bonni! We are so grateful you joined our spicy family, and love to hear how you are enjoying this memorable and magical masala! We look forward to sharing many more flavourful adventures with you!

My Immediate Favorite Curry

SpiceWalla is the best ! I use Chaat Masala nearly everyday - on everything I cook. I have been enjoying Indian spices for years but Chaat Masala takes the flavors to new heights of wonderfulness.

Amazing, versatile spice

I bought this spice in order to recreate the taste of Chai Pani's sublime fried okra. We air fried the okra, added chaat masala and lime to them, and they were divine! We have also used the same recipe with Brussels sprouts.

Hello KM,
We love hearing our recipes are easy to follow and just as tasty as we intended.
We will have to give that Brussels sprout recipe a try, sounds delicious.
-Spicewalla team

the best

honestly, I put this on everything from chaat and dahi vada to mango and watermelon to soups and sandwiches. I love this blend - it adds a perfect savory-ish, umami-ish sprinkle to everything!

Mary Isaacs
Great spices in a great tin

All of the masala spices I have bought are delightful. Wonderful odors and tastes and come in convenient small storage tins.

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