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Dharavi Diary Give Back

Dharavi Diary is an incredible organization based in India that the Chai Pani Restaurant Group has visited many times. This organization is doing essential and life-saving work on the grounds in one of the world’s largest slums. 

Spicewalla is donating 25% of proceeds from the products below now until December 31st to Dharavi Diary. The money raised goes towards educating and empowering youth, especially girls and women, through STEAM learning and skill building to become problem solvers, innovators, and leaders in their community. As a direct result of this organization, youth living in Dharavi will have better job opportunities, independence, self-worth, and self-esteem.

If you'd like to donate directly to Dharavi Diary, please click here. A $100 donation feeds 7 families for 2 weeks. 🙏  ❤️  🇮🇳

For more information about Spicewalla's Giving Back Initiatives check out our Giving Back page.

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